Living in one house with your ex

Considering that this blog is intended to be a diary, I think I should explain something about my current living situation.

Just several months before starting this blog – and coinciding with my Aspie & ADD diagnosis – me and my girlfriend of four years broke up. Four years almost to the day weirdly enough. We were, and are, living together. Both of our financial situations at the moment are such that we cannot afford to move out. So there you go: broke up but still living together and still doing things together as a result.

So when I write something about “me and the ex doing groceries together” or some such thing, you won’t have to wonder.

This (often rather unfortunate) situation will go on for at least another three or four months until we are both financially capable of getting our own places.



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  1. […] alone this evening, as my ex (with whom I still live at the moment) is off to a pubquiz with classmates and friends. So I close the curtains, dim the lights, make […]


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