This blog is a diary. It’s authored by me: Garner Passhe.A 30-something guy from Western Europe diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADD just weeks before starting on the blog.

Mostly, I will post content that directly relates to my mental condition, even though now and then I probably won’t be able to contain myself and go off topic as well.

To introduce myself a little more: My name is Garner Passhe. I live in a country in Western Europe. All events in this diary are real, even though I will make up names for people so that they can remain anonymous (and nice to me.)

The purpose of the blog is to create for myself a narrative of this period in my life that I can look back onto later, when hopefully things will get better and maybe even splendid. Asperger’s is a curse AND a blessing. For the previous thirty years, the scales have tipped towards the curse part. Knowledge enlightens everything though and it’s time to tip the scales the other way!

A second reason for writing this blog is to give people who are interesting in the topic something to read. There are other blogs out there, but not enough! Also I love to get feedback from readers. So don’t hesitate and write a comment or e-mail!

Kind regards,



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