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Aspergatory: what is this blog?

I live in Aspergatory.

“Forget what you thought you knew about purgatory. Forget what the priests told you. Forget what the scripture tells you. Purgatory is right here, right now. You’re living it, pal!.”
– Unknown

Recently, I was diagnosed with a form of high-functioning autism more conveniently called “Asperger’s Disorder” – named after the scientist who first described it: Hans Asperger. More specific even: Asperger’s Disorder with elements of Attention Deficit Disorder.

That little sentence right there has upturned life as I knew it. Nobody ever noticed I was a that different from others? Well, I was known for a little eccentricity, sure, but nobody was thinking of a serious diagnosis apparently! I’m thirty years of age now, and one is born with Asperger’s, so I am left wondering where I would have been now had I been diagnosed at a young age.

So, yeah, what does this mean for my future? what does it mean for my perception of the past? How does it affect the people around me? As of now, I haven’t told anyone but my ex-girlfriend and my brother. How to break the news to others?

This blog will serve as a secret diary for me. Of course, it’s out here in the open, so what’s secret? Fair question. Why do it? Because first of all I would like feedback from readers and spar with them on topics. And second: because unfortunately there are many more people like me:
Adult and never diagnosed. Have spent a life of uncertainty, of feeling different. Of being bullied no doubt too! Misunderstood. Hated, despised?

Considering my mental blockages caused by the ADD, I shall try my hardest to keep going, but there can be these periods of non-postage, beware. In the past I would have never said this because of shame and appearing to give up before one starts, but now I think I understand myself a little better and it just  might be that I will need times to recharge a little bit.

Happy reading! (And leave comments please!)

Garner Passhe